JN Chalk & Co. bloomed...

when my cousin asked if I could create chalkboard signs for her rustic fall wedding. I have always loved handlettering, so I happily accepted! Shortly after, many of my girlfriends began to get engaged, and I wanted to give them something personalized and special as engagement gifts. So, I decided to create His & Her personalized signs for each couple with their names and engagement dates on them. I was instantly falling in love with chalk lettering, and I was urged to make this a real "thing" and create an account on Etsy so that I could share my chalk art with a bigger audience.

The thought of creating my own company had been just about the only thing I could think of for the next few months. But finally, with lots of encouragement from friends & family, and a few open doors to amazing opportunities involving my chalk art, I decided to officially launch JN Chalk & Co. The word about my new business traveled quite quickly, and I began to get chalkboard orders for all kinds of events, so I decided to take Continuing Education creative business classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

My chalk creations soon took off as larger companies began to reach out in reference to my chalkboard illustrations. My work can now be seen accompanying Party Rental Ltd. in the New Jersey Knot, as well as various NJ restaurants and NYC event spaces such as Javits Center & Rockefeller Center's rooftop event space. 

And the rest is history!


Meet the Artist Behind JN Chalk & Co.



Founder & Designer

I like to think that I have always had the desire to open my own creative business. Born with a crayon in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, I have never been without the desire to create. When I was five, I created paintings on my mom's perforated printing paper with my tiny set of watercolors, displayed them on a large poster board and sat on my front lawn selling them for 10¢ each.

In grammar school, I created string friendship bracelets and sold them on the playground. A few years later, I became the resident tattoo artist during lunch after I received a giant set of Milky Pens (remember those?!). I would draw anything my fellow students requested on their hands, arms or ankles.

But out of all those funny memories, my favorite is J.A.M.M.'s Seashell Sale. Every summer at the beach my sister, Michelle, and I would collect tons of seashells, and then paint or handletter on them with our neighbors/dearest friends growing up, Ashley and Megan. Once they were all painted, we would set a date to sell them on our front lawn to the neighbors. The Seashell Sales went on for about three years, and we actually made quite some money from them!

I am proud to say that I have graduated from selling painted seashells to earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in graphic design. Today, I am a full time graphic designer, illustrator and continued patron of all things creative. I absolutely love the work I have created for myself. I take every piece into consideration and make each chalkboard special for every client. Art is my passion and I'm so excited to see where JN Chalk & Co. takes me!


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